About Us

When you happen upon something of great interest, which you later pursue with passion, that first unforgettable moment lives on as a moment of discovery.

Discover. Taste. Appreciate.

In ancient times, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, while resting under a tree, noticed its unfamiliar leaves. Being a farmer and an herbalist, he plucked and tasted some of the leaves. The taste was bitter, yet refreshing, and shortly thereafter he could feel a positive effect embrace his core. The emperor knew then that he had discovered something of value.

Nearly 5,000 years later, from its humble beginnings as a medicinal tonic, tea has found its way into the daily lives of millions of people on every continent. Throughout its history tea has touched poets, artists, warriors and monks, royalty and everyday citizens. No other beverage has inspired dynasties and cultures to develop and adopt such a variety of customs and rituals like tea.

At Napoleona Tea Company we travel the world in search of beautiful teas. Along the way, we have met farmers, tea masters and tea artisans whose mastery of their craft has been proudly handed down for generations. Regardless of your level of experience as a tea drinker, our goal is to offer a selection of timeless classics as well as unique and contemporary flavors and blends. We believe, however, that it is not enough to simply drink tea. To fully appreciate tea one should understand its background and know its story. Please visit our Tea Knowledge section for more information. For those who wish to take it a step further, we are delighted to offer a variety of classes —both group and private sessions— and trips to origin to assist you.

We are passionate about tea and invite you to join us on our journey.  From ancient temples to western palaces…cuppings, tastings, and gongfu cha… from white tea to green tea… oolong to puer…

Napoleona Tea Company.  Discover our world.™

Be well. Drink tea.

Thresa Griffin
Founder & Tea Master