To fully appreciate tea one must understand its background and know its story.  We are delighted to offer tea classes, tastings, and workshops – both group and private sessions – to assist you.  Our classes are engaging and interactive; perfect for those new to tea, for the tea enthusiast who wants a better understanding of the leaf, or just a  great way to spend time with friends!

Our tea classes are a multi-sensory experience and an excellent way to sample and educate oneself about this enduring beverage.  We offer various types of classes and tastings to include varietal tea selections, a combination of different types, origin-specific teas, etc.  These are relaxed and informative sessions where attendees engage their senses to taste and appreciate different teas while learning about their background, methods of production, the history and or folklore associated with the featured teas.

For those who prefer one-on-one training or a private class, we offer Tea 101.  This is a 4-hour, interactive session where we will cover the fundamentals and different types of tea.  Please email us at for details or to schedule a private class.  Due to the amount of material we will cover and time for questions and answers, there is a 2 person maximum for this class.