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Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Mousse

By August 28, 2014Recipes

Napoleona Tea Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Mousse                                                                            

by Chef Naveen Tharinda de Silva
Mas Villa, Sri Lanka

The bergamot in this tea creates a smooth, subtle taste that makes this classic dessert shine!

Makes four servings


1 cup whipped cream

1 cup, semi-sweet baking chocolate, shaved

3 tsp Napoleona Tea Earl Grey Select tea

¾ cups fresh cream

2 egg yolks

¼ cup sugar

To Make

-Beat whipped cream in chilled bowl until it forms stiff peaks; set in fridge.

-Melt shaved chocolate in double boiler.

-Add 3 tsp Napoleona Tea Earl Grey Select tea to ½ cup boiling water.  Steep 3 minutes then strain and set aside.

-Pour fresh cream into melted chocolate and blend until smooth.  Place bowl in ice bath to cool.

-Blend egg yolks and sugar in double boiler, stirring vigorously until sugar is dissolved, about 2 minutes.

-Whisk the egg yolk/sugar mixture into the fresh cream and chocolate mixture.

-Fold chilled whipped cream into chocolate mixture and while folding, slowly pour in tea.

-Chill at least 30 minutes and serve.

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Chef Naveen de Silva

Chef Naveen de Silva

 NT: Tea is such a long held tradition in Sri Lanka and CeylonTea is so renowned for quality–and yet, you are one of the few chefs who are using tea based recipes. What inspired you to create dishes with tea?

CN: Yes, we are known for the world’s most famous, flavourful tea.  At first, I was not very happy with the testing of my recipes, but as I developed the techniques for infusing tea into varied dishes, I became really interested in the   taste, the texture and the nutrition that tea offers to food.  Now it is an obsession!

  NT:  You have now created more than 20 recipes using tea–what are you working on now?

CN: Well, my most recent favorite is the Earl Grey Tea Infused Chocolate Mousse–a real winner at Mas Villa, where we serve this dessert.  The smooth creaminess of this mousse is only enhanced by the subtle flavor of the bergamot –sublime!

NT:  As a chef, you are ever looking for new ideas.  How do you create new recipes?

CN:  You know, it depends so much on our guests at Mas Villa. We are a boutique bed & breakfast, so I pride myself on breakfast ideas that let our guests start their day with a burst of color and flavour.  I am working on a panna cotta with yogurt with our local fresh fruit. We have so much variety of fruits to offer–mango, papaya, mangosteen, watermelon, banana and coconut–with so many others that grow on our property.  One of our guests suggested that we mix fruit into new formats so that has been an inspiration.

NT:  What inspires you generally to create?

Chef Naveen at Mas Villa

Chef Naveen at Mas Villa

CN:  I am inspired by the natural world. Mas Villa is located on the edge of a wide, deep valley with green as far as the eye can see.  It is naturally beautiful!  In fact, the view is so perfect that I will be giving our cooking class on the veranda for guests on the Napoleona Tea Tour in October.  There is no better place to learn traditional dishes than outside in such a gorgeous setting.

NT:  What’s next?

CN:  We are extending our garden to include more vegetables and herbs.  We have our own rice paddy and use our rice in our menu selections.  We are careful to create a farm to table experience for our guests, in all aspects.  In fact, we do not sell our rice, but trade it for other products, to keep it “in the family”.

NT:  What do you enjoy beyond being in the kitchen?

CN:  Cooking is my life. That is enough!