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 Green Teas

Green Spring Snail

Origin:  Dongting Mountain, Jiangsu Province, China

One of China’s Ten Famous Teas, Bi Luo Chun is only harvested once a year during late March to early April.  Only a tender bud and single leaf is plucked and masterfully handcrafted to give Bi Luo Chun its slender, twisted and silvery jade appearance.  Enjoy the light fruity scent, its gentle liquor with the flavor of legumes, toasted pine nuts, and a sweet finish.

Also spelled Pi Lo Chun, legend states that a tea plucker from long ago ran out of room to place her freshly plucked tea leaves, so she started to stuff her cleavage with the leaves.  The warmth of her body gave out a startling aroma, thus the original name for the tea was ‘Scary Fragrance’.  When the emperor came by and tasted the tea, he decided that ‘Scary Fragrance’ was an unfitting name for such a beautiful tea.  The tiny, green leaves reminded him of snails thus the name was changed to Bi Luo Chun or Green Spring Snail.

Bring fresh water to 180°F.  Use 1 tsp per 4 oz water.   Steep up to 1 minute.  Multiple infusions.

Gaiwan method, fill ¼ bowl with tea.  Bring water to 180°F, and steep for 6 seconds.  Reduce steeping time to 4 seconds for additional infusions.

In both cases, enjoy the evolving flavors with multiple infusions.

Ingredients:  Green tea leaves

For a sampler of Bi Luo Chun and other fine Chinese green teas, try our Chinese Green Tea Discovery Set.

Net wt:  50g / 1.76 oz



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