Japanese Green Tea Discovery Set

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While green teas are produced in many countries around the world, those from China and Japan are still the most distinctive.

In Japan, tea leaves are traditionally steamed to arrest oxidation.  This produces leaves with a darker, more vibrant shade of green.  Its tea terroir gives Japanese green teas a rich umami flavor with vegetal, grassy and savory seaweed notes tinged with sweetness.

Our Japanese Green Tea Discovery Set makes for a perfect gift or introduction to Japanese green teas.  Each set includes Kukicha, Sencha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha in resealable bags with steeping instructions.  Each sampler makes anywhere from 8 to 15 cups.

Our collection of Discovery Sets are available in Chinese Green Teas, Japanese Green Teas, and Tisanes.

Net wt: 1.63 oz /46g

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Weight 7 oz
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