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Hang Bai Ju

Origin:  Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

China has been growing and drinking chrysanthemum flower infusions for hundreds of years.  An enduring tisane, chrysanthemum is appreciated for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and cooling properties (such as reducing “heat” in the body from fevers) as well as aiding digestion. The flowers can range in color from white to bright yellow. Our Chrysanthemum Hang Bai Ju is a white chrysanthemum that is harvested in November. The pale yellow petals offer a pleasant and subdued floral sweetness and taste.

Preparation:  Heat water to 208°F / 97°C.  Use one tsp per 6 oz water.  Steep 1 to 2 minutes up to 3 times.

Ingredients:  chrysanthemum flowers

For a sampler of Hang Bai Ju and other herbal and flower infusions, please try our Tisanes Discovery Set.

Net wt: 28g / 1 oz

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